Admission Open - 2024
2020 – 2023 - SRM Dental College

1. The Effect Of Non Surgical Periodontal Therapy On The Levels Of Salivary Melatonin And NLRP3 In Chronic Periodontitis Patients With Altered Quality Of Sleep : Dr. Sowbarnika Harikrishnan

2. The Effect Of Laser Microgrooved Platform Switched Implants And Abutments On Hard Tissue And Soft Tissue Healing Post 1 Year Loading Among Smokers And Non-Smokers – A Prospective Clinical Trial : Dr. Snehesh Dinesh

3. Expression Of High Mobility Group Box 1 (HMGB 1) And Receptor For Advanced Glycation End Products (RAGE)  In Gingival Tissues Of Periodontitis Patients With And Without Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus : Dr. Ramya.R

4. Role Of Serum Cortisol And Aβ42  In The Prediction Of Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease In Patients With Generalized Anxiety Disorders And Stage III/IV Periodontitis : Dr. Jeyvarshini.K

5. Comparative Evaluation Of Xenogenic Collagen Matrix (Mucograft®️) Impregnated With Low Speed Liquid Platelet Concentrates In Multiple Adjacent Gingival Recession Defects – A Triple Arm Randomized Control Trial : Dr. Pavithra.B

6. Estimation Of The Levels Of Macrophage Polarization Markers – Nitric Oxide, CD 163 And Micro-RNA 21, In The Saliva Of Healthy, Gingivitis And Periodontitis Patients With And  Without Diabetes Mellitus- An Analytical Case Control Study : Dr. Akshaya.J

7. Clinical Evaluation Of The Combined Efficacy Of Scaling And Root Planing (SRP) And Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin (I-PRF) In The Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy Of Stage III And Grade C Periodontitis Patients Having Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. -A Randomized Controlled Trial : Dr. Shunmuga Prasanth.D

8. Effect Of Periodontal Therapy On The Salivary Levels Of Resolvins (Rve1) And Lipoxin(LXA4) In Periodontitis Patients : Dr. Arthi.I

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