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Governing Bodies - SRM Dental College

Anti Ragging

Institutional board of studies

The Institutional board functions with the following objectives

  • To frame the syallabi for various courses, review and update syllabi from time to time, introduce new courses of study and to establish admission requirements for programmes
  • To oversee the establishment and effective operation concerning academic practice, programmes of study, assessment, and determining details of continuous assessment.
  • To assure and enhance academic quality and to maintain academic standards for all programmes
  • To co-operate with other board of study on joint programmes, teaching arrangements or other areas of mutual concern
  • To nominate internal and external examiners and executing the processes of considering and responding to external examiners reports.

Academic cell

The academic cell of SRM dental college instituted in 2011 serves as a mediating body between the students, parents, various departments of the college and the university.

The various functions of academic cell are:

  • Formulation of the UG and PG syllabus, modifying them if required and forwarding it to the university Academic cell for approval or ratification.
  • Monitoring the progress of UG and PG students (attendance, internal assessment, academic progress and conduct).
  • Periodically sending academic data of students to the University which would scrutinize and provisionally list out the students who are likely to be detained from appearing for the University examination.
  • Identifying students who are below average in their performance and informing the progress to their parents and student counselors for follow up action.
  • Facilitating regular meetings between the parents and the faculties.
  • Receiving proposals from faculties for short projects and research work to forwarded to Ethical Committee.

Institutional Ethics committee


The institutional ethics committee aims at producing a quality and consistent ethical reviews mechanism for health and biomedical research. The committee reviews all the research proposals which involve human subjects as prescribed by the ethical guidelines for WHO & ICMR.

The role of the Ethical Committee members is to

  • Review and approve the research proposals involving human participants with view to safeguard the dignity, rights, safety and well-being of all actual and potential research participants.
  • Carry out the reviews of proposed research before the commencement of the research.
  • Ensure that there is regular evaluation of the ethics of ongoing studies that receive a positive decision.

Scientific committee

As a postgraduate institution from the academic year 2005 the college excels in carrying out numerous research activities. Post graduate students are required to do research work as a part of their curriculum. Faculties from various departments of SRM dental college have also enrolled as part-time PhD scholars to increase the momentum of research activities in the institution.

The proposals are subjected to a strict review process. The proposals that are submitted to the scientific committee are sent to the panel of scientific committee members for review. It is also sent for review by members who are identified, based on their expertise in that particular area of research. The suggestions sent by the members are informed to the students and necessary changes are done. Studies approved by the scientific committee members are given provisional approval. The final approval is given after asc/;ertaining that the study was done without any deviation.


  • To improve the quality and standards of the research work done in the institution.
  • To encourage research, establishment and effective functioning of the organizational units concerning research.
  • To consider new research proposals and to recommend them for acceptance or modification.

Clinical Society

  • SRM Dental College is a trailblazer among the dental colleges in the country to be entrusted with 100 admissions in the very first year of its inception.
  • The institution was the first dental college in the entire country to be bestowed by a deemed University status in the year 2002. Growing by leaps and bounds the institution started the postgraduate program in the year 2005 with 29 seats in six specialities, enhanced the number of specialities to 9 and seats to 54 by the year 2012.
  • The College serves a platform for students to excel in all places .They are constantly encouraged to attend conferences,seminars,workshops,present scientific papers and posters .They are also encouraged to participate in co curricular activities.
  • All the Clinical departments routinely conduct CDE programs,workshops,Hands on Courses every year.Apart from this ,the Basic medical sciences department conduct Prize examinations and state level quiz competition every year.
  • In addition to the academic pursuits at our institution our students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities also. Every year in the month of April we have an intracollegiate cultural and sports event ‘Moksha’.
  • Students also participate in inter college cultural and sports events organized by IDA,Chennai-MIDAAS