Admission Open - 2024
Research cell - SRM Dental College

The research cell is the nodal unit for managing all research related activities .The ambit of research work in the institution includes monitoring of research and allied academic disciplines.

The purview of the research cell includes the listed areas:

  • Institutional review board
  • Publications of faculty and students
  • PhD activities –Regulation
  • Institutional seed money for research activities
  • Application to funding agencies
  • SRM Journal of Research in Dental Sciences
1Institutional review board:
The institutional review board operates
to ensure the protection of the rights and
welfare of human participants in biomedical,
experimental and behavioral research
conducted at SRMDC

  • Reviews all types of research proposals
    involving human participants with a view to
    safeguard the dignity, rights, safety and well-being
    of all actual and potential research participants before
    approving the research proposals.

  • Protocol review, selection of participants,
    voluntary participation of potential participants,
    informed consent process, risk benefit ratio,
    distribution of burden and benefit, maintenance of
    privacy and confidentiality and provisions
    for appropriate compensations.

  • Periodic review until the completion of the study
    through appropriate well documented procedures.

1.1Documentation of dissertations & short projects

  • Documentation of all research projects
    happening in the institution –Faculty & students

2Publications of faculty and students

  • Motivation of faculty and students to
    publish in indexed high impact journals

  • Guiding the faculty to select the best
    journal for publication in terms of impact
    factor, periodicity, quick review process

  • To enable the faculty to publish all
    dissertations from the year 2005.

2.1Conference publications

  • The paper & poster presentations by
    faculty and students to be registered with
    the Research cell

  • Issuing on-duty for participation
    in conference

  • Submission of presentation data
    to the Research cell

  • Submission of details of awards
    won for presentation

3PhD Activities

  • Regulation of PhD activities

  • Formation of doctoral committee
    in coordination with the Director & Dean,
    Research , Kattangulathur

4Application to funding agencies

  • To increase the number of proposals
    sent for funding

  • Derives plan of action for achieving
    a target (funds) every year

5Institutional seed money for research activities

  • Monitors the seed money set apart
    for research activities

  • Shortlists the expert panel for
    selection of research projects for
    awarding of seed money

  • Enhancement of seed money by conduct
    of by conducting various research related
    program/ symposiums/hands on programs

6SRM Journal of Research in Dental Sciences

  • Management of the journal office

  • Conduct of Periodic meetings of
    the Editorial board

  • To advance the prospects of the



Patron – Dr. R. Shivakumar, Chairman

Advisor – Dr. K. Ravi, M.D.S, Dean, Professor & Head, Department of Orthodontics

Secretary – Dr. K. Rajkumar, BSc,M.D.S.,PhD.  Dean Academics, Professor & Head, Department of Oral Pathology

External Advisor – Dr. P. Rajashree, M.Phil.,PhD., Assistant Professor, NCNSNT, University of Madras,  Dr. R. Ramya M.D.S, Department of Oral Pathology

Staff In charge – Dr. Ashwini C.R, M.D.S Senior Lecturer, Department of Orthodontics, Dr. Deepikha, M.D.S Senior Lecturer, Department of Periodontics