1No Student shall be permitted to appear for one or parts of BDS Examinations unless he / she has attended the course in the subject for the prescribed period and produces the necessary certificate of study, attendance and satisfactory conduct from the head of the Institution.
2A candidate is required to show a minimum of 80% attendance in both theory and practical / clinical classes individuallyin each subject so as to appear in the university examination.
3Considering all types of leave, including medical leave, attendance should not drop below 80% to be eligible to appear for the university examinations.
4In case of the subject in which there is no examination at the end of the academic year, the percentage of attendance shall be not less than 70%. However at the time of appearing for the professional examination in the subject the aggregate percentage of attendance in the subject should be not less than 80%.
5In case of students who have failed in more than one subject and not permitted to go to the next higher class, the attendance in those subjects in which student has failed, in the intervening period before appearing for the university exam should not be less than 75%.They should attend the internal assessment (Theory and Practical) in the subjects in which they have failed and should attend the additional classes conducted by the departments to improve their performance.