Admission Open - 2024
Best Oral Presentation competition - SRM Dental College

One of our PG student Parameswaran T M, guided by Dr Dilip S, has been selected as one of the 8 finalists from 34 applications from various countries and progressed to the oral presentation round to present at the “Best Oral Presentation competition” conducted in Online platform for the first time by Glasgow Orthodontic Academy , Edinburgh, UK.

The award panellists and judges are:

*Professor Kevin O’Brien* (Emeritus Professor of Orthodontics @University of Manchester, UK)

*Professor Padhraig Fleming* (Professor/Consultant in Orthodontics @Queen Mary University of London)

*Dr Mark Wertheimer* (Specialist orthodontist @College of Dentistry (College of Medicine, South Africa).

*Professor Supakit Peanchit* D.D.S., MDS, Diplomate, American Board of Orthodontics, Diplomate, American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine (Thailand)

The Award is $800 + Certificate of Recognition Signed by Many Well-Known Orthodontists Worldwide

The top 8 competitors selected from 34 applications- progressing to the oral presentation round from various countries include

1. Mohamed Nur Abdallah/ Canada: A novel anabolic drug complex on a synthetic biomaterial for enhancing bone regeneration in critical-sized bone defects

2. Amgaad Ahmad/ Jordan: A comparative study of maxillary and mandibular transverse dimensional and incisor changes between wide and narrow orthodontic archwires: A randomized controlled trial

3. Siew Peng Neoh/ Thailand: Treatment outcome differences between pass and fail scores and correlation between cephalometric changes and cast-radiograph evaluation of the American Board of Orthodontics

4. Parameswaran T M/ India: (Guided by, Dr Dilip S) Comparison of the rate of orthodontic space closure with and without probiotic supplements: a randomized control trial

5. Nausheen Siddiqui/ United Kingdom: Orthodontic apps: assessment of behaviour change techniques and quality

6. Nazneen Zubair/ Pakistan: Comparison of mean canine retraction between healed and recently extracted site

7. Philippe Farha/ Lebanon: Correlation Between Cephalometric Values and Soft Tissue Profile in Class I and Class II Adult Patients

8. Shivam Mehta/ United States of America: Long-term Effects of Mini-Screw Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion and Rapid Palatal Expansion on Airway Compared to Controls: A 3D CBCT Study

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