Admission Open - 2024
Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics - SRM Dental College

1. Dr. Anusha
Comparative evaluation of the remineralization potential incorporated chicken egg shell powder with CPP-ACP on demineralized enamel – An invitro study

2. Dr. Sadhana
Comparative evaluation of disinfecting potential of sodium hypochlorite, diode laser & photodynamic therapy in non-vital teeth with or without periapical rarefaction – A double blind randomized clinical study

3. Dr. Banka Krithi
Evaluation of the microshear bond strength of composite resin to demineralized human dentin remineralized with CPP-ACP, novamin& fluoride containing dentrifices – An invitro study

4. Dr. Ashish
Comparative evaluation of antimicrobial efficacy, smear layer, removal & tissue dissolving property of new experimental mixture solution with MTAD – An invitro study

5. Dr. Subbulakshmi
Prevalence of Scardoviawiggsiae in plaque, saliva & dentinal caries samples of low & high caries risk urban adolescent population by polymerase chain reaction analysis- An invivo study

6. Dr. Vinola
Comparative evaluation of the setting time, solubility, anti-inflammatory effect and cytotoxicity of zinc oxide eugenol sealer with & without addition of petasin extract from butterbur in different concentrations – An invitro study

7. Dr. Tony
Evaluation of smear layer removal surface changes and root canal sealer penetration in root dentin following diode laser & ER:YSGG laser debridement procedure using SEM & confocal laser microscope – In Vitro study

8. Dr. Kritika
Evaluation of regenerative potential of non-vital immature permanent maxillary central incisor using scaffold implantation technique with a one year follow up – A clinical trial

1. Dr. Ashly Mary Eapen
Comparative evaluation of the fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth restored with various core build up materials- An invitro study

2. Dr. V.Haripriya
Comparative evaluation of antimicrobial efficacy of herbal alternatives (curcumin, allicin, zingerol& cinnamon) against enterococcus faecalis – An in vitro study

3. Dr. G.Keerthipriya
Comparative evaluation of growth, adherence & membrane integrity of streptococcus mutans on 5th generation bonding agent incorporated with Nisin – An invitro study

4. Dr. M.R.Aswin
A comparative evaluation of ion release, effect of pH & antimicrobial action of calcium hydroxide with and without the addition of niobium pentoxide – An invitro study

5. Dr.S. Arun
Comparitive evaluation of cytotoxicity & anti inflammatory effects of four root canal sealers with and without addition of pachymic acid – An In Vitro study

6. Dr. J.S.Sooraj
A Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of root canal preparation and the frequency of apical transportation in root canals using rotary and reciprocating instrumentation technique – An in vitro study

7. Dr. M.Varun Mathews
Effect of calcium silicate based materials incorporated with white tea extract on collagen cross linking and flexural strength of dentin : An vitro study

8. Dr. N.V TejaVarma
Comparative evaluation of calcim hydroxide with and without addition of Neobium Pentoxide on frature resistance of root denine and its solubility over a period of time – An in vitro study

1. Dr. Anjali
Detection of Porphyromonas gingivalis, Porphyromonas endodontalis, Prevotella intermedia, Treponema denticola using realtime PCR in vital/non-vital teeth, diabetic/non-diabetic patients smokers/non-smokers and in patients with symptomatic apical periodontitis with varying periapical index scale.

2. Dr. Karthick
Comparative evaluation of microshear bond strength of total etch and self etch bonding system to dentin pretreated with silver diamine fluoride/ potassium iodide and transmission electron microscopic evaluation of resin dentin interface for nanoleakage

3. Dr. Rajith
Comparative evaluation of effect of bleaching with hydrogen peroxide and strawberry extract on colour change, surface morphology and microshear bond strength of composite resin to bovine enamel- An in vitro study

4. Dr. Poorna
Comparative evaluation of presence of MMP’s and cysteine cathepsins in dentin following the application of total etch and self etch adhesives incorporated with proteolytic inhibitors, chlorhexidine and cystatin- An invitrozymographic analysis

5. Dr. Shadir
Comparative evaluation of flexural stiffness and stresses in experimentally designed Nickel Titatium rotary files with varying cross sections, tapers and pitches- A Finite element analysis

6. Dr. Saranya
Evaluation of antibacterial effect and enamel remineralization potential of probiotics lactobacillus rhamnosus alone and in combination with 2% NaF and CPP ACP- An in vitro study

7. Dr. Sireesha
Comparative evaluation of depth of penetration and fracture resistance of root dentin when calcium hydroxide, nano calcium hydroxide, chitosan and nanochitosan were used as intracanal medicaments- An in vitro study

8. Dr. Twinkle
A comparative evluatiion of effect of 0.3% Magnolia officinalis aqueous bark extract and 0.2% chlorhexidine as a mouth rinse on the pH and buffering capacity of saliva in high caries isk patients and its anti bacterial effect against Streptococcus mutans and lactobacilli-an in vivo study

1. Dr. AnujaAnna Cherian
Effect of 2% N-Acetyl Cysteine on Cytotoxicity ,Degree of conversion and microshear bond strength of three adhesive systems-An In Vitro study

2. Dr. Deepak Chandran
Evaluation of antibacterial efficacy & antioxidant potential of psidium guajava leaves extract on reactive oxygen species formed when calcium hydroxide is mixed with 2% chlorhexidine gluconate –An invitro study

3. Dr. DivyaKunam
Evaluation of degree of dentinal tubule occlusion and depth of penetration of nano hydroxyappatite derived from chicken egg shell powder with and without addition of sodium fluoride in treatment of dentin hypersensitivity. An in vitro study

4. Dr. Janani Priya Vanthitha
Comparative evaluation of the release of calcium and hydroxyl ions and pH change of calcium hydroxide formulated with different vehicles when used as an intracanal medicament. An in vitro study

5. Dr. Megha Nair
Comparative evaluation of shear bond strength of resin composite to enamel and the surface changes in the enamelwith single step & multiple step applications of antioxidants with bleaching agents.- An invitro study

6. Dr. Sarah Victoria Ezhilarasi
Evaluation of antibacterial efficacy of 4% titanium tetrafluoride and its effect on apical micro leakage when used as final root canal irrigant. An invitro study

7. Dr. Muthalagu
Comparitive evalution of the mechanical properties& fluoride release of RMGIC with& without nanochitosan and nanohydroxyapatite-An In Vitro study.

8. Dr. Mahendran
Evaluation of Degree of conversion ,secondary caries inhibition,shear bond strength and resin dentin interface of nisin incorporated etch and rinse adhesive system –An In Vitro study

1. Dr. Anand
Evaluation of micro shear bond strength of pretreated zirconia ceramics bonded to dentin using resin cement

2. Dr. Haneesh
Evaluating the efficacy of Acupuncture therapy as a pre-operative pain management for patients with symptomatic irreversible pulpitis: A randomized double blind placebo controlled clinical trial

3. Dr. Kirthika
Comparative evaluation of compressive strength, flexural strength, fluoride release and bacterial adherence of conventional GIC modified with CPP-ACP, bioactive glass, chitosan and MDPB – an in vitro study

4. Dr. Nighil
The effect of hydroxyapatite Nano rods as fillers on the physical & mechanical properties of three adhesive systems – an in vitro study

5. Dr. Revathi
Effect of licorice extract treatment before & after CPP-ACFP application on functional remineralisation of demineralized dentin: an in vitro study

6. Dr. Sarath
Comparative evaluation of setting time, pH, compressive strength, micro leakage & cytotoxicity of WMTA with 4 different accelerators(10% calcium chloride, 3% sodium sulphate,2% sodium chloride & 3% potassium sulphate)

7. Dr. Senthil Kumar
Comparative evaluation of compressive strength, flexural strength, fluoride release, wear resistance & optical properties of Nano chitosan modified glass ionomer restorative cement with conventional glass ionomer restorative cement

8. Dr. Vandhana
Evaluation of the degree of conversion, shear bond strength and resin dentin interface of both etch &rinse and self-etch adhesives after the incorporation of L-DOPA

1. Dr. Ashwin
Comparative evaluation of microshear bond strength of amide and ester based bonding agent – an invitro study

2. Dr. Fayaz
In Vitro evaluation of cytotoxicity and antibacterial efficacy of chicken egg shell powder.

3. Dr. Leena
Comparitive evaluation of setting time,Ph,compressive strength,cytotoxicity and sealing ability of MTA combined with GIC and Super EBA-An In Vitro study

4. Dr. Deepak
Comparative evaluation of dentinal tubule occlusion and depth of penetration with CPP-ACP & Bio active glass in the management of dentinal hypersensitivity-An In Vitro study

5. Dr. Raghavi
Effect of antioxidants such as 6.5% proanthocyanidin and 10 % propolis compared to 10% sodium ascorbate on microhardness and fracture toughness of root dentin irrigated with 5.25% sodium hypochlorite and 17 % EDTA – An In Vitro study

6. Dr. Mageshwaran
Effect of various antioxidants on the shear bond strength of composite resin to bleached enamel:An in vitro study.

7. Dr. Bejoy
Remineralzing potential of chicken egg shell paste mixed with three different vehicles on enamel

8. Dr.Meenakshi Sundaram
Comparative evaluation of the effects of multiple autoclaving on cyclic fatigue resistance of three different rotary Ni‑Ti instruments: An in vitro study

1. Dr. Malathy
Evaluation of polymerization shrinkage, polymerization shrinkagestress, wear resistance and compressive strength of a silorane based composite – AFinite Element Analysis study.

2. Dr. Ajit
Surface and mineral changes of enamel with different remineralizing agents in conjunction with carbon-dioxide laser

3. Dr. Poornima
Functional remineralization of demineralized dentin pretreated with tea and green tea – An In Vitro microhardness Analysis

4. Dr. Srinivasulu
Effect of collagen cross-linkers on the shear bond strength of self-etch adhesive system to deep dentin

1. Dr. Jones
Comparison of surface roughness after microabrasion of enamel using two proprietary remineralization agents – An invitro study

2. Dr. Renjith
Comparative evaluation of compressive strength, flexural strength, fluoride releasem of chitosan modified glass ionomer restorative cement with conventional glass ionomer cement.

3. Dr. GinguKoshy George
An invitro evaluation of the effect of deep dry cryotreatment on the cutting efficiency & fracture resistance of three rotary nickel titanium instruments

4. Dr. Chandrasekar
A volumetric analysis of gutta percha removal using various root canal rotary instruments and evaluation of apically extruded debris with spiral ct-An IN Vitro Analysis

1. Dr. Ashmitha
Histological changes in pulp after cavity preparation with handpiece and ER:YAG Lasers : A Light Microscopic Analysis

2. Dr. Sindhu
Sealing ability of four root end filling materials :A Glucose penetration Leakage study

3. Dr. Narasimha Reddy
Evaluating the penetration depth and bacterial elimination of 810 nm 980 nm diode laser at 3 cycles and 6 cycles – An invitro study

4. Dr. Sivaprasad

1. Dr. Sumitha
Evaluation of post-surface conditioning to improve interfacial adhesion in post-core restorations

2. Dr. Sandeep
Evaluation of effect of EDTA ,EDTAC, Chlorhexidine,Sodium hypochlorite & MTAD on the microhardness of human root dentin.

3. Dr. Krishna Kumar
Evaluation of stress distribution in curved root canal wth different tapers during warm vertical compaction –A Finite Element Analysis

4. Dr. Krishnan
Shear bond strength of composite to dentin after various drying techniques and its micro morphological analysis under SEM – an invitro study.