Admission Open - 2024
Orthodontics - SRM Dental College

1. An analytical and comparative study of debonding strength and enamel damage between standard and gingival offset premolar brackets : an in vitro study. Dr.J.Abishek.Dr.Krishnaraj

2. Comparison of the optical properties between ceramic, composite and ceramic self- ligating brackets ( color. Translucence , and fluorescence ) using spectro – photometer. Dr.Aishwarya .K. DrDilip.

3. Evaluation of correlation between Peri implant interleukin -8 levels around orthodontic mini implants used for anchorage and the failure rate of implants during orthodontic treatment an in vivo study. Dr.Amritha Menon. Dr.Ravi

4. Comparison of pain reduction after initial arch wire placement by using of low level laser therapy , placebo, chewing gum , visco elastic wafers, NSAIDs. Dr.Jeevaraj.R Dr.Dilip

5. Comparison of the cytotoxicity of two different orthodontic aligners- an in –vivo study. Dr.Kannan.N Dr.Dilip

6. Evaluation of dental, skeletal and soft tissue effects of powerscope and comparing it with forsus fatigue resistant. Dr.Kaushik Rajkumar.A Dr.Ravi

7. Psychological study of patients referred for orthognathic correction of skeletal discrepancies. Dr.Nithin Francis.Dr.Ravi

8. Evaluation of changes in the position of point A on different malocclusions. Dr.Sreejith Sathyan. Dr.Krishnaraj

9. Comparison of soft tissue chin thickness in adult patients with various mandible divergence patterns. Dr.Subasree .S .Dr.Krishnaraj

1. Thermal changes in the pulp chamber during laser etching procedure for orthodontic bonding at different power settings- an in vitro study.
Dr.Aby Thadadhil Abraham.Dr.Krishnaraj

2. Comparison of landmark identification in lateral cephalogram generated using CBCT images and digital cephalogram – in vivo study. Dr.Bevin Shaga.Dr.Ravi.

3. Evaluation of load deflection rate in four initial orthodontic arch wires – an in vitro study. Dr. Dhanyabiram Kamireddy.Dr.Ravi

4. Evaluation and comparison of upper lip soft tissue changes in vertical dimension and gingival exposure on smiling in class I ,Class II and class III cases. Dr.Gayathri.Dr.Krishnaraj

5. Comparison of the position condyle and its relationship with glenoid fossa in class I, class II and class III malocclusion – a CBCT study.
Dr.Janani Priya.Dr.Ravi

6. Comparison of accuracy and reliability of craniometric measurements between lateral cephalogram and 3D measurements on CBCT scans – a prospective study. Dr.Manek J. Gadiali.Dr.Dilip

7. Comparison of arch width , alveolar width , buccolingual inclination of teeth between Class l ,class ll division 1, class ll division 2, class lll malocclusion – an in vitro study Dr.Preveenaa, Dr.Krishnaraj

8. Evaluation of cathepsin B level around mini screws during orthodontic tooth movement and influence of curcumin on its secretion – an in vivo study. Dr.Primal T. Francis.Dr.Dilip

9. Effect of placement angle, diameter length and bone density on the pull out strength of orthodontic mini implant – an in vitro study. Dr. Santosh. Dr.Dilip

1. Comparison of the rate of debonding of two different bond materials – Trans bond and ortho fix. Dr.Amelia. Dr.Krishnaraj

2. Comparison of the impact of extraction and non- extraction on soft tissue changes in class I borderline case, Dr.Aniruddh. Dr.Ravi

3. Evaluation of stress in bone using various length and width of mini implants during en masse retraction of maxillary and mandibular anterior teeth- a finite element analysis. Dr.Bharath.Dr.Dilip

4. Reproducibility of three dimensional coordinate system – a CBCT study. Dr.Cynthia.Dr.Ravi

5. Comparison of rate of tooth movement and anchorage loss between corticotomy assisted and conventional En-Masse retraction –An in vivo study.

6. Evaluation of enamel surface roughness after debonding- using different finishing methods – an atomic force microscopy study.

7. Evaluation of palatal bone density using CBCT for mini implants placement. Dr.Jidhin.Dr.Dilip

8. Comparative evaluation of frictional forces between standard edgewise stainless steel bracket and orthodontic wires of three alloys in three different cross section. Dr.Magesh.Dr.Ravi

9. Comparative evaluation of frictional forces between clarity advanced ceramic brackets , metal ceramic brackets, two conventional metal brackets with three different arch wires – an in vitro study. Dr.Paul.Dr.Krishnaraj

1. Comparison of arch changes in extraction and non- extraction treatment – an in vitro study Dr.Divya. Dr.Ravi

2. Evaluation of lactate dehydrogenase in GCF before and after orthodontic treatment. Dr.Lakshmanan. Dr.Dilip

3. Microbial adhesion on different types of bracket system. Dr.Manikanda Prabhu. Dr.Dilip

4. Estimation of Ni , Cr and Fe in saliva of patients with fixed orthodontic appliances – an in vivo study. Dr.Merin.Dr.Ravi

5. Comparison of shear bond strength and surface characteristics using laser etching and conventional acid etching. Dr.Noufal Dr.Dilip.

6. Comparison of the reliability and accuracy between the different cephalometric soft wares. Dr.Nirmal.Dr.Ravi

7. Evaluation of Sub -gingival microorganism before and during early periods of orthodontic treatment using PCR method. Dr.Rahamathulla Syed.Dr.Krishnaraj

8. Myelo peroxidase activity in GCF during orthodontic tooth movement. Dr.Shine.Dr.Krishnaraj

9. Evaluation of vertical height and position of power arm during anterior en-masse retraction of maxillary teeth using mini implants-3D – FEM study. Dr.Suresh.Dr.Krishnaraj

1. Evaluation of palatal bone thickness for mini implant placement using CBCT. Dr.Antony,.Dr.Krishnaraj.

2. Comparison of the perception of orthodontist and lay persons on the evaluation of smile esthetics. Dr.Benooja.,Dr.Ravi.

3. Force characteristics of various NiTi Closed coil springs –an in vitro study. Dr.Emmi Dayana., Dr.Ravi.

4. CBCT for assessing buccal cortical bone thickness in the interdental areas of maxilla and mandible Dr.Kevin,. Dr.Krishnaraj.

5. Evaluation of cortical bone densityusing CBCT. Dr.Manu Mathew., Dr.Krishnaraj.

6. Comparison of Bis-phenol release from orthodontic adhesive between halogen and plasma arc light curing sources and its correlation with degree of corrosion. Dr.Padmini., Dr.Ravi.

7. Comparison of rate and initial alignment , plaque accumulation and pain perception between conventional self ligating. Dr.Rashmi.Dr.Dilip.

8. Comparison of arch dimension changes – incisor inclination and bond failure rate between self-ligating and conventional brackets. Dr.Shymala., Dr.Dilip.

9. Evaluation and reliability of beta angle for assessing sagittal discrepancy. Dr.Subarna Saha., Dr.Dilip.

1. Comparison of anchorage loss and rate of canine retraction between mini implant anchorage and conventional molar anchorage.

2. Comparison between three types of enamel pretreatment methods and shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets :an in vitro study. Dr.Navaneetha Nambi,. Dr.Krishnaraj

3. Influence of 1st premolar extraction on mandibular 3rd molar angulation – A cephalometri9c study. Dr.Visalakshi,.Dr.Krishnaraj.

4. A comparison of Force decay between E-Chain and module ligature – an in vitro study. Dr.Sunil Chand Varghese.,Dr.Dilip.

5. Comparison of mandibular arch changes during alignment and leveling with 2 PEA systems – An in vivo study Dr.Jubin Hussan,.Dr.Ravi.

6. Maxillary protraction with or without maxillary expansion – A FEM Analysis of structural stresses. Dr.Tariq.V.K. ,Dr.Dilip.

7. Comparison of space analysis evaluations with digital models and plaster dental casts. Dr.Mohammed Rafi ., Dr . Ravi.

8. Correlation between chronological age, cervical vertebral maturation and Fishman’s skeletal maturity indicators. Dr.Jacob Abraham., Dr.Ravi.

9. Effect of APF &CPP-ACP on shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets. Dr.Wassem Ansar., Dr.Dilip

1. Evaluation of friction levels in ion implanted TMA wires. Dr.Monisha.,Dr.Krishnaraj.

2. Evaluation of friction using Teflon Coated ligature wires. Dr.Nazeem,.Dr.Ravi.

3. Assessment of streptococcus mutans around orthodontic brackets during treatment. Dr.Paul.,Dr.Dilip.

4. Biodegradation and force level assessment of ligature modules in artificial saliva. Dr.Shabeer,.Dr.Krishnaraj.

5. Evaluation of Centre of resistance in tooth with different levels of bone- An FEM Study Dr.Sushil,, Dr.Ravi.

6. Time dependent force Degradation of various NiTi in simulated oral environment. Dr.Vikram,. Dr.Dilip

1. Evaluation of alkaline phosphatase activity in dental pulp after initial orthodontic tooth movement. Dr.Vineeth .R .Menon ,Dr.M.R.Balasubramanian

2. Comparison of canine retraction using ;SLIDE’ Friction free ligature modules with conventional modules –an in vivo study. Dr.Menachery George Devachen, Dr .Krishnaraj.

3. Evaluation of condyle Fossa relationship and disc position in Class II div I Subdivision using Ct Scan and MRI Dr.Ihsan Ahmed., Dr.Krishnaraj

4. Genetic influence on dentition and the dental arch. Dr.Dhasmesh,.Dr.Dilip.

5. Evaluation of bond failures with an indirect bonding technique –an in vivo study Dr.Anju Mary Varghese., Dr.Ravi

6. Accuracy of computerized soft tissue prediction of post treatment profile in extraction cases. Dr.Ajeeb Bhadharudeen ., Dr.Ravi.

1. Comparison of conventional ,digitized and digital methods of soft tissue cephalometric parameters. Dr.Abishek ,Dr.Ravi.

2. A comparative study on the shear bond strength of light cure composite, light cure glass ionomer ,and light cure compomer –in vitro. Dr. Arul Prakash , Dr.Krishnaraj.

3. Comparison of conventional, digitized and digital method of hard tissue cephalometric parameters. Dr.Raju, Dr.Ravi.

4. Evaluation of apical force distribution for orthodontic tooth movements –a finite element analysis. Dr.Rex , Dr.M.R.Balasubramanian

5. Comparison of frictional resistance between conventional stainless steel,metal insertceramic, self ligating stainless steeland self ligating ceramic brackets with stainless steel wire- an in vitro study. Dr. Sivaram, Dr.Balasubramanian , Dr.Ravi.

6. Heritability of craniofacial and dental cephalometric parameters – a comparative twin study – Dr.Venugopal, Dr.Krishnaraj.

1. A comparative study of frictional resistance of stainless steel , Nickel titanium, TMA, Timolium and CNA arch wires with stainless brackets – An invitro study, Dr.Rajasekar, Dr.Ravi

2. Reproducibility of hard tissue landmarks in conventional and digitized cephalograms comparative study. Dr.Naveen Karnam, Dr.M.R.Balasubramanian.

3. Evaluation of reproducibility of ten soft tissue landmarks in conventional cephalograms and their digitized images. Dr.Lovin Manual Joseph, Dr.M.R.Balasubramanian

4. Frictional resistance between stainless steel ,metal insert ceramic and poly crystalline ceramic brackets with stainless steel wire.A comparative study. Dr. Amit Gupta , Dr.Krishnaraj.

5. A comparative study of the shear bond strength using conventional moisture insensitive and self- etching primer in dry and wet conditions.
Dr.Anila Charles , Dr.Krishnaraj.

6. A comparative study on the shear bond strength of light cure composite, light cure glass ionomer ,and light cure compomer in dry conditions–in vitro. Dr.Vijay Gopal, Dr.Ravi