Admission Open - 2024
Oral surgery - SRM Dental College

1. Dr.Mohamed Afradh K
Versatility of end-to-side venous anastomoses using microvascular anastomotic coupling device in maxillofacial reconstruction-a prospective study

2. Dr. Simin Abraham
Sublingual ultrasound as an assessment method for predicting difficult intubation.

3. Dr. Soumendra Kumar Parida
A study of salivary opiorphin levels using different anesthetic drugs and techniques.

4. Dr. Veer Vikram Singh Babra
Electromyographic Evaluation of muscles of mastication in patients with Internal Derangement of the Temporomandibular Joint.

5. Dr. Venkata Ravi Teja T
Microvascular anastomosis using couplers, staplers and conventional suturing – a comparitive study

6. Dr. Vikas Kumar Sarraf
Coronectomy versus extraction of impacted mandibular third molars – a randomized controlled trial.

7. Dr. Vikrant Pratap Singh
Role of splints in Open reduction and internal fixation of isolated mandibular angle fractures – A pilot study correlating Finite Element Model analysis and Clinical trial.

8. Vinod Kumar Reddy
Fracture of the mandibular condyle – Finite element analysis of three patterns of interrnal fixation.

1. Dr. Karthikeyan R
Comparitive study of conventional microvascular sutures Vs laser anastomosis.

2. Dr. Mohammed Aslif PE
Use of hair transplantation for moustache reconstruction in scarred lip.

3. Dr. Vaishnavi D
TMD before and after correction of dentofacial deformities by Orthodontic and Orthognathic treatment.

4. Dr. Aditi R Sharma
Correlation between skeletal morphology and severity of obstructive sleep apnea.

5. Dr. Vivek Pandian C
Surgical split fix plates in orthognathic surgery.

6. Dr. Dinesh Mathias
Reliability of computerized cephalometric [Dolphin imaging] outcome for assessment of soft tissue changes after orthognathic surgery.

7. Dr. Sagnik Sarkar
Efficacy of dual venous anastomosis in microvascular free flap surgery.

8. Dr. Sangamitra Asoka
Effect of Platelet rich fibrin on wound healing following tooth extractions among diabetic patients- A comparative study.

1. Dr. Arimeeta Bhadra
Role of stereolithography model in Oral and maxillofacial surgery.

2. Dr. Arun Ramiah
Comparison between chin and ramal graft in reconstruction of atropic anterior ridges for implant placement.

3. Dr. Ashok Prasanna
Custom made zirconia implants for anterior and posterior edentulous areas.

4. Dr. Debdip Ganguly
Venous anastomosis using microvascular coupler v/s conventional microsuturing in mandibular reconstruction with free fibular graft-A comparative study.

5. Dr. Parvathi Jayagopalan
Isolation of Stem cells from human dental pulp – In Vitro study for future application in Maxillofacial Reconstruction.

6. Dr. Santosh I
Comparison of crevicular incision and comma shaped incision for impacted third molar.

7. Dr. Saravanan C
Simultaneous use of tongue flap and bone graft in closure of Oronasal fistulas in cleft patients.

8. Dr. Varun Prasad
Ozone therapy in minor surgeries

1. Dr. Gogulanathan M
Haemostatic effect and healing potential of fibrin sealant and conventional sutures in patients undergoing third molar extraction- a prospective clinical study.

2. Dr. Joseph Theodore
Secondary repair of cleft lip and nose.

3. Dr. Karthikeyan R
Comparing the vitality of Microvascular free flaps using contrast enhanced ultrasound scan and bone scan in bone only flap.

4. Dr. Neil Ananth RC
Somotosensory evoked Potential assessment of inferior alveolar nerve after bilateral Sagittal split Osteotomy: A prospective study.

5. Dr. Nisharudeen K
Evaluation of nanocrystalline beta tricalcium phosphate in mandibular socket preservation-A clinical, radiographic and histomorphometric analysis.

6. Dr. Pravein Kumar
Evaluation of patient psychology in Orthognathic surgery, a prospective study.

7. Dr. Satyabrata Mandal
Evaluation of relapse following BSSO.

1. Dr. Himani
Preoperative and Postoperative CT scan Assessment of Pterygomaxillary Junction in patients undergoing Le Fort I Osteotomy: Comparison of Pterygomaxillary Dysjunction and Trimble technique.

2. Dr. Sameer
Pre-operative assessment for surgical accuracy of maxillofacial surgery cases using stereolithographic models: An in vitro study.

3. Dr. Neil
Evaluation of sino-nasal changes after Lefort-I Osteotomy: Radiographic and endoscopically assisted.

4. Dr. Ashwan
Ablation of Leukoplakia using Co2 laser.

5. Dr. Gayathri
A prospective study of postoperative levels of Titanium, Aluminium and Vanadium trace elements in human serum after placement of titanium dental implants.

6. Dr. Soundarya
Efficacy of botulinum toxin-a injection into the lateral pterygoid for the treatment of anterior disc displacement with reduction: a prospective study.

7. Dr. Tulasi Kumar
Immediate Rehabilitation of Partially Edentulous Patients Using Basal Dental Implants.

8. Dr. Deva Kumar
To Determine The Amount Of Resorption Of Symphysis Block Bone Grafts In Atrophic Anterior Edentulous Sites For Future Implant Placement.

1. Dr. Ajay
Comparison between two different Microvascular anastamotic techniques:conventional suturing vs Microvascular coupler.

2. Dr. Madhusudanan
The effect of hypotensive anesthesia on blood loss,surgical field and operative time during bi-maxillary Orthognathic surgery.

3. Dr. Balaji
Versatality of lazy S cervico mastoid approach in condylar fractures – A prospective study in 5 cases.

4. Dr. Rajesh
Distal hinge Osteotomy of distal segment to prevent relapse in bilateral Sagittal split Osteotomy – comparing with standard bilateral Sagittal split Osteotomy.

5. Dr. Roopesh
A modified approach using diode laser to reduce Trismus in oral sub mucous fibrosis patients.

6. Dr. Shobana
Evaluation of the treatment outcome of secondary post-traumatic deformities of facial skeleton.

7. Dr. Siddharth
Efficacy of Autogenous graft versus alloplast graft used in nasal augmentation procedures– A Comparative study.

8. Dr. Saravanan
Esthetic enhancement of nasal dorsum following Orthognathic surgery with rhinoplasty.

1. Dr. Lokesh B
Versatility of Microvascular free flaps in reconstruction of mandibular defects.

2. Dr. Nikhil O
Effect of Orthognathic surgery on pharyngeal airway space, hyoid bone and tongue position.

3. Dr. Suresh V
Submental intubation in maxillofacial surgery.

4. Dr. Preeti Tiwari
Treatment modalities of vascular lesions of head and neck region.

5. Dr. Nabeel Sayeed
Efficacy of low level laser therapy in the treatment of TMJ pain.

1. Dr. Balaji Srikanth
Comparison between propofol and midazolam.

2. Dr. Romitha Dey
Finite element analysis in stability of mandibular set-back.

3. Dr. Varun Mittal
Alveolar bone grafting in cleft alveolus- Bergland Analysis.

4. Dr. Prasanth.K.H
Enhancement of visualization with endoscopy in maxillofacial surgical procedure.

5. Dr. Banu Sargunar
Placement of implants in extracted sockets.

1. Dr. Rajesh Manuel
Comparison of post-operative pain relief in lower third molar impaction using Tab Etodolac (400 mg), Tab Tramadol (100 mg) and Nupatch (100 mg).

2. Dr. Siddarth Bhale Rao
Temporomandibular Joint Artherocentesis : A Prospective Analysis Of 10 Consecutive Cases.

3. Dr. C. Sathish
A Study Of Various Surgical Approaches For The Treatment Of Mandibular Condylar Fractures.

4. Dr. Nishanth Singh
Effects Of Co- Administered Dexamaethasone And Diclofenac Sodium On Pain And Swelling After Surgical Removal Of Mandibular Third Molars.

5. Dr. Venkatesh Reddy
Comparative Study Between Classic Retromandibular Approach And Retromandibular With Modified Transparotid Approach In Treating Condylar Fractures.

1. Dr. Raja Satish Prathigudupu
Use of ultrasonography in TMJ evaluation.

2. Dr. J. Jasline David Sylvester
Hayton- William’s wiring to mandibular angle fractures.

3. Dr. Suram Venkatachalapathi
Various flaps used in treatment of oral sub mucous fibrosis.

4. Dr. N. Praveen Kumar
Versatility of retromandibular approach in treating subcondylar fractures

5. Dr. Balakumaran
Versatility of Anterior iliac crest graft in oral and maxillofacial reconstruction.